800 Radcliffe

This stuccoed frame Colonial Revival house went through at least two major building phases, the most recent in the 1920s. It features a projecting entry pavilion with an iron balcony and tripartite windows set within a slightly recessed arch. A stately copper beech tree, which has probably been growing since before this house existed, is located in the street-level garden on the North side.

This house was built for Thomas Cooper, a famous Shakespearean actor from England, who had the house erected to accommodate his children and their governess. Mr. Cooper himself lived with his wife Mary in a house that once stood next door. It has been said that he won that house in a game of cards in Paris, France, and took possession of it in 1819. His daughter Priscilla married Robert Tyler, a son of U.S. President John Tyler. President Tyler’s wife suffered a debilitating stroke, causing her to be unable to serve as First Lady. Priscilla moved to the White House and served as hostess in her stead.